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Trump Promises “Massive” Reduction In Regulations (01/24/2017)

The Washington Post (1/23, Johnson, Mui) reports that President Trump held a breakfast meeting Monday with manufacturing executives, during which he “promised to wipe out at least 75 percent of government regulations that hinder their businesses, fast-track their plans to open factories and cut taxes ‘massively.’” Trump told the executives, “We’re going to be cutting regulation massively. ... Now, we’re going to have regulation, and it’ll be just as strong and just as good and just as protective of the people as the regulation we have right now.” On its website, CNBC (1/23, Pramuk) said a White House spokesman “did not immediately respond to a request to elaborate on which rules Trump will target or how the 75 percent was calculated.”

Business Climate

Trump To Receive Estimates Of US Economic Health (01/24/2017)

Reuters (1/20, Blenkinsop) reported that President Trump this week will “get a first read-out on the health of the US economy” as “the stand-out” economic figures to be released next week “are likely to be first estimates for US growth on Friday and for British growth a day earlier.” According to Reuters, the US economy “is seen expanding by an annualized rate of 2.2 percent in the final quarter of 2016, easing from the 3.5 percent of third quarter as net trade turns negative, but with solid consumption growth and a reduced drag from the energy price collapse that hit investment.” The article warned though that a Reuters poll conducted earlier this month indicated “the top risk to US growth is that Trump keeps his protectionist promises.”

Small Business Marketing

Survey: Marketers Shy Away From “Risky” Platforms, Plan Facebook Audits (01/24/2017)

Advertising Age (1/19, Slefo) reported that some 50% of advertisers say they won’t put 2017 dollars into “platforms they consider risky,” and “with the exception of Google search advertising, confidence in digital or social platforms is significantly below 50%,” according to a new survey from Advertiser Perceptions. Ad Age said that the results showed “two-thirds of those surveyed said they are questioning their investment with Facebook, with 40% of those saying they plan to execute independent audits of the social media platform’s audience and ad delivery.” Advertiser Perceptions said the results showed that “Facebook can’t go whistling in the dark now.”

Wages and Benefits

Missouri, New Hampshire Taking Up “Right-To-Work” Bills (01/24/2017)

The AP (1/18, Lieb) reported strengthened Republican majorities in state legislatures are considering efforts “to diminish the power of organized labor” by passing “right-to-work laws” which will be voted on in the Missouri House and the New Hampshire Senate. Kentucky already enacted a law this month. While it is generally believed that such laws weaken unions, there is some evidence that at least some unions have been able to maintain their membership in states with such laws.

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