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Trump Executive Order Takes Step Toward Reversing Tax Regulations. (04/25/2017)

CBS News (4/21, Light) reported that President Trump has signed an executive order taking aim at tax regulations. The New York Times (4/21, Rappeport, Subscription Publication) reported that the executive order asks Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin “to review the tax regulations imposed by President Barack Obama in 2016.”

House Ways & Means Chairman Plans Tax Reform Hearings. The Hill (4/18, Jagoda) reported that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said the committee “will soon be announcing congressional hearings on our blueprint starting next week.” The committee must announce hearings a week in advance, but a spokeswoman for Brady “could not give a specific date or topic for the committee’s first tax reform hearing.”

NYTimes Analysis Examines Business Tax Proposals. Writing in the New York Times (4/21, Subscription Publication) “The Upshot” blog, N. Gregory Mankiw suggested that “the next 12 months are shaping up to be a critically important time” for the tax code, and the reform proposals currently being discussed “would profoundly alter how the government raises money and upend the incentives for private decision makers.” He highlighted “four key issues.”

Business Climate

Trump OIRA Nominee Could Influence Regulatory Reform. (04/25/2017)

The Washington Post (4/23, Mufson) reported that President Trump has nominated George Mason University Law Professor Neomi Rao to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the “gateway through which federal regulations must pass.” Rao would be “responsible for vetting and tallying cost estimates for most regulations.”

Small Business Marketing

Google Considering Ad Blocker In Chrome, Sources Say. (04/25/2017)

The Wall Street Journal (4/19, Marshall, Subscription Publication) reported that its sources say Google has plans for an ad-blocking component for both the desktop and mobile versions of its Chrome web browser. The Journal said one significant option under consideration is blocking offensive ads site-wide rather than single ads, which would require sites to make sure all their ads meet acceptable standards. The Journal said analytics company StatCounter estimates that Chrome now accounts for more than 47% of the browser market across platforms.

Wages and Benefits

Federal Reserve: Employers Struggling To Find Skilled Workers. (04/25/2017)

Business Insider (4/19, Oyedele) reported that the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book data showed that “employers are having a harder time finding skilled workers to hire as the labor market continues to tighten.” Employers had greater difficulty filling low-skilled positions, but “labor demand was stronger for higher skilled workers,” Business Insider added.

Similarly, the AFP (4/19) reported that “companies are increasingly complaining of trouble finding workers, including for low-skill jobs,” and the Washington Post (4/19) reported that “wages grew in response to a tightening jobs market.”

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